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Tardy Policy

A Tardy Policy revision has been outlined below for the purpose of assuring our students at Brian and Teri Cram Middle School show up to school and to each class on time, so that maximum amount of time can be spent achieving our mission. Brian and Teri Cram Middle School is a positive, safe community with the highest expectations for everyone, everyday. The policy will work on a "per tardy" basis and will incorporate the help and work of the SWPBIS committee. All tardies for each class, except for the 1/2 block, will be documented by the individual teachers on a MIL (Minor Incident Log). Tardies will reset on the first day of the second semester.

Tardy Procedures for the 8:00 am Bell

Verified Tardies = Medical professional and extreme circumstances
  • To have a verified tardy, a parent/guardian must sign in the student with a detailed verified reason or a parent/guardian/student must bring in a signed letter with a detailed verified reason (no e-mails). After five verified tardies, see below for additional Dean's consequence.
Parents will be notified after two non-verified tardies and an after-school detention will be assigned. As for continuous tardies, see below for additonal Dean's consequences.

Tardy procedures for each transition during blocks 3/4, 5/6, and 7/8
  • Once class begins, student should be in the doorway or already in classroom.
  • Teachers must shut their classroom doors.
  • Tardy students are not allowed into the classroom by anyone but the teacher. The teacher opens door and questions student as to why he/she is tardy.
  • Student is then marked tardy in IC and the teacher must document a MIL with the number of tardies under Teacher Contact Log tab in IC.
  • After two tardies, a referral will be sent to the Dean's Office.
Tardy procedures for random tardy lockouts
  • When a tardy lockout is announced, all teachers must close their doors.
  • Students will meet in the quad with campus monitor and receive a tardy notice.
  • Tardy notices will be collected and given to the Dean's secretary for accountability
  • All students with two tardy lockout notices will receive an after-school detention.
Dean's Consequences
  • After-school detention
  • Habitual tardies could result in one day RPC (Required Parent Conference) or one day suspension.